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Our History

Thyra Investment Group commenced business in 2002 and has been involved in a range of property transactions since that time. In recent years it has concentrated on commercial property investment with a focus on generating superior rates of return on investors' capital.

Thyra In Action


Our mission is to build long-term wealth for our investors. We provide to our client’s investment portfolios and seek to build our own wealth and co-invest with our numerous investors. We provide regular income to our investors.


Here at Thyra, we are highly selective when it comes to our property acquisitions. Undertaking rigorous due diligence to develop a sound understanding of the properties, local property markets and the tenant’s business. We are patient and disciplined investment managers and focus on investment returns not fees.


We have delivered and continue to deliver highly attractive income and capital returns. Investing in office and industrial properties, we add and improve our properties wherever we can. Here at Thyra, we distribute income monthly and report to our investors regularly and our funds are independently audited. Our funds are wholesale funds and we hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

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Thyra Investment Group acquires and manages commercial property on behalf of its investor clients. Thyra invests in office, industrial and retail property based on sound property fundamentals.

We take a rigorous approach to due diligence prior to acquisition and a hands on role in managing and maintaining property assets. Wherever possible, we seek to add value in order to increase investors' equity.

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